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Platinum Band Event- Ryan and Diane's Wedding, Roswell Historic Cottage

Ok, so first of all, the absolute cutest couple!!  I don't have pics yet from the event but will add to our blog as soon as they come in. Wedding date was March 3rd, 2018. Ryan and Diane chose a 6 piece with 2 lead singers, and saxophone. Ryan's sister, Noelle sang, "To Make You Feel My Love", which is one of my top 3 favorite songs to sing. It's a sweet song that packs a lot of beauty in it's simplicity. Noelle did such a beautiful job and I was touched by the love brother and sister had for one another. What a gift to give your sibling. Ryan's family is very musical so his dad also got up and sang and KILLED "Pretty Woman". He later sang another song and I told him he could come sit in with Platinum ANYTIME! One last thing is that I had a chance to further get to know Denise and Anthony from Check them out. Great, motivated team and I had a chance to lunch with them the next week. I really like these two and look forward to working with them A LOT in the future. One of the things I loved about working on this wedding is that everyone I worked with was just really kind. From the family, to the wedding planner, Laura, from Soiree South Every event is going to have it's challenges, it's how we respond as vendors that is important. What is the goal? The goal is to make it as easy on the bride and groom (or whoever your end client is) so that they can be rest assured they have put their trust in the right vendors. Laura was warm, down to earth and very professional. I'd jump at the chance to work with her again.