Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Platinum? How long have we been around? Platinum formed in 2002 by Virginia Rece, Dianna Crawford and Gus Melton. I'm Virginia the band leader and owner. Hi!

We are a small company. We prefer to be "boutique", and work directly with our clients and vendors though we have several agents we work with and are happy to! When we began, I was one of only a few female band leaders in an industry that was and still is, dominated by male musicians. I'm proud to say that Platinum is run very democratically and the musicians/singers have a voice. As a result, we have a great group of positive, friendly performers who feel personally invested and who truly care about giving you the best performance both on and off the stage. We love each other and are family. And we treat you like you are family. 

How much do we cost? We offer several configurations based upon the season and day of the week. Generally, our pricing for a 6 piece starts @ $4000.00 starting in the Metro Atlanta Area. We love to travel and go anywhere in the United States but mostly we travel to: Charleston, SC, Savannah, Hilton Head, Outer Banks NC, Birmingham Al. Our pricing always includes a professional sound and lighting company, all equipment set up and breakdown done by musicians and sound crew.

Do we offer discounts? Yes, in certain circumstances. Platinum supports local charities so we always offer a flat reduction in price as long as you are 501-(c)(3). Saturdays are rarely discounted because it's the hottest day of the week. Busy season is usually April-June, September-October and December. These are the least likely months to be discounted.  

Does Platinum play outside the 4 hour block of playtime? Yes, and we have lots of options we can offer from ceremony music, cocktail, DJ services, and extending the full band for half-hour and full hour increments.

Does Platinum provide our own staging? No, but often times your venue does. We say you don’t HAVE to put us on the stage but we do need to have the space requirements. Also, we advise you to have a stage for visual aesthetics and practical reasons but we try to work with you as much as possible on this.

Does Platinum provide lighting? Yes, your fee includes sound and lighting for the stage. It’s standard lighting that you’d see with most bands. We do have vendors we work with that can add lighting for the dance floor and beyond. Ask for more details.

How long does Platinum play? Standard fee is a 4 hour block of playtime. We usually take 2 (20) minute breaks in the timeframe. We also work with you and/or your event planner to set the breaks around your event timeline. We DJ your breaks during downtime.

Does Platinum MC your event? Yes, our vocalists are all skilled MC’s. We are happy to “run the show” for you so that you can relax and enjoy yourself!

How does the contract process work?  We'll request the necessary information to prepare your contract. Once it's completed, you'll receive an email with electronic copies of the contract and band rider for your review. Once you're satisfied you can email back a signed copy OR ask me to send me copies through regular mail. With regular mail, you’ll get two copies of rider and contract, a self-addressed envelope and a cover letter with instructions on what to keep and what to send back. 50% deposit is required to finalize your contract. 

We booked you for our wedding. When will we hear from you? We get in touch about 6 weeks prior to your event. You'll receive a comprehensive questionnaire and an updated master song list. If you have a wedding planner, we are happy to work directly with your planner on the timeline and other details of your special day. If you have questions before this time frame, no problem! Call or email, we are here to help make your day as relaxed and fun for you, your family and guests as much as possible!!

Fundraisers, Corporate Events and other Fabulous Parties: A little bit less planning is needed so about a month out. But again, if any questions come up regarding logistics, etc., we are happy to advise and answer questions. 

Do we get to pick our songs? Yes, we like to collaborate with you. So we ask you to choose about 25 songs from our master play list and we'll take care of the rest! 

Will you learn songs for our event? Yes, busy months we have a 1 song limit but you are welcome to ask about any song that you really love. Platinum has incredible musicians that know much more than what is on our master list. So, it doesn't hurt to ask! We try to accommodate as much as we can. 

How many breaks do we take? We gauge our breaks based upon your timeline but generally it is 2 (20) minute breaks in a 4 hour event. 

Do we play background music during breaks? Yes, one of the band members will DJ the breaks. Feel free to send us song requests for the breaks as well. You can also hire us to DJ your after-party! 

Does Platinum carry liability insurance? Yes, Platinum carries 1 million each occurrence and $2 million aggregate)

Thanks! Let us know how we can be of service to you...

Virginia Rece