It's About Trust

In my previous ( and very first post) I talked about how long Platinum has been providing entertainment in the Atlanta and Southeast and our love of the job we do. 

Now I want to talk about why we have been so successful and why most of our business comes from referrals and repeat business. I think any great band has to have a recipe of several things: first and foremost, impeccable integrity both on and off the stage. A band must be well rehearsed with superior musicians and vocalists. Platinum members have a high regard for their craft.  Each person in our band is blessed with a raw talent they we have all honed with discipline and practice. 2. Teamwork. You cannot make magic if you don't have a "we are a team", mentality. As a long time performer, I have been in several situations where either the connection is there or not. Each person is either focused on themselves or the larger task at hand: putting on a great show. I'm proud that we have ALWAYS had a charisma that I believe comes from the attitude we each have about our end goal. Be the best, be the most fun, be the band that your guests say is , " the best band we've ever seen".  3. Attitude. I say this a lot but I believe it. It is my personal business philosophy: Don't boast just show up and do it. Be the best, be the most professional, best dressed especially with a great attitude and the rest will take care of itself!