This Pic Kinda Says It All

On June 25th, 2016, Platinum had the pleasure of celebrating the wedding of Cassie Umland and Keith Hagerich at the Fabulous Fox Theater in the Egyptian Ballroom. As with all weddings and events we do, we strive to help our clients put together a unique event that really speaks to their personalities their history and their vision. One of the really cool things about this event was that Keith is a DJ. So, he's "in the biz", so to speak. And Keith wanted to be able to DJ for a few minutes since music is a big part of their lives together.  We set up a phone conference to see if we could coordinate getting his gear set up pre-reception and then making sure the equipment was ready to go on the band's last break. One concern was no downtime between band stopping and Keith beginning. Glen had music ready to DJ for a few minutes so that any technical issues would not be noticed. Sure enough, with every event, you have to be ready to problem solve and have a plan B as well and go with the flow. And this night was no different. It took a few minutes to figure out a couple of technical issues with Keith's board and our sound equipment but Glen was ready. Very quickly it got worked out and Glen backed off as Keith took over. Cassie handed out Glow Sticks. It was a lot of fun watching the two of them together on the stage, newly married and sharing this time with their closest friends and family.  I loved it and was delighted we could help make this happen. You can find the "live" video I did on our FB page: 

Other quick mentions that I MUST make are the wonderful people that I worked with: Dennis Dean Catering. So friendly, the band meals were dropped right no time and the food was truly excellent. The event planner I worked with was Staci Wright: 239-822- 1290. Staci and I had never worked together before. It takes a little bit to get a groove going between vendors when you haven't worked together. But Staci was so easy to work with, so professional and extremely organized. I highly recommend her! 

Lastly, I haven't mentioned THE PIC as titled above so here it is. It says a lot. First, we now have T-shirts that we give out to our clients. Second, it says a lot when the bride and groom stick around just another minute at the end of the night to take a pic with their band. Third, we had such a fun night with these two families and their friends. It was a perfect night in every sense of the word and a great time was had by all!!