Want to personalize your wedding reception music? We've got you covered!

Yesterday, I hung up the phone and thought about my conversation with a groom who had just got engaged. He was clearly so excited about his upcoming wedding. It was really sweet and I felt myself get swept up in his energy. " I want to do this wedding!!", I thought. Of course we are in the business of getting excited about whatever your event is, whether it's a wedding reception, gala, fundraiser, or corporate meeting right here in Atlanta. We love it. It's why we do what we do.  But I could tell this gentleman was really excited about music. And that is our kinda guy! We started discussing options for the ceremony and cocktail hour music and he mentioned that he'd like to have an acoustic guitar and ukulele duet for ceremony. And I started thinking about the time a few years back when my client had a close friend who played the violin and they asked us to work something up with her. In addition, this wedding was on the side of a mountain at a place called Splendor Mountain. Check it out: http://www.splendormountain.com. I loved the owner of this venue. Such an nice welcoming person and I vowed to get back there someday as a guest. It was an incredibly fun night that included a guest drinking champagne out of his shoe, but I digress. The thing that was really cool was putting the rustic acoustic guitar, keys and violin ceremony music together. I knew the musicians would enjoy this opportunity to do something a little different. In the end, our client was so happy and we enjoyed being able to put this little unique touch together for them. And that folks, is what it's all about. 

Building Relationships With Our Clients

With my training at Ritz Carlton a cornerstone of my business philosophy, it's been highly important to me to give a level of service to our clients that can be unique sometimes in the entertainment business. And I'm also always aware that because Platinum's number 1 job is to make our clients, guests and fans happy, I never lose sight of that goal from the first inquiry call to the follow up email after the night is over and everyone is safely home. I try to remember that I'm not perfect but I'm sure gonna try to be when it comes to taking care of my clients. It's also the expectation I have of the performers that are a part of Platinum. As a band, we share that philosophy and it's a great part of our success.

The beauty of social media is the connection Platinum continues to have with our past clients who often become repeat clients and even friends. I get to see the babies that are born, the anniversaries etc. I also get to see old clients at events down the road and I love that! Please always stop by or message me on FaceBook: @platinumbandatlanta. I truly care about our clients and it means a lot when you check in with the band and let us know how you are doing. I get attached to my clients! So don't go away, stay in touch. 

And please know that Platinum is always evolving, growing and striving to give you Superior Performance both on an off the stage and we love being a part of your lives.